About Us

Collège Sévigné is a private secular school under contract with the State.

At our Middle School (Collège, in French), from 6ème (age 11) to 3ème (age 14) there are three classes per year group and 360 pupils in total, including a bilingual and bicultural section. 

Your child is at the center of our approach to teaching. Our middle school takes a comprehensive approach to education in order to reveal the potential of each child.

Quality of school work is one of our priorities. Our teachers focus on: developing a strong work ethic, acquiring a broad general knowledge, encouraging a sense of effort and perseverance and consolidating achievements and learning.

Each pupil benefits from personalized support to encourage rigor and respect for others.


Developing Humanities and international awareness has always been very important at Collège Sévigné. Consequently, the teaching of ancient and modern languages is a top priority for the establishment.

We therefore propose a bilingual and bicultural English-French section.

We also offer the following choices:

  • Language 1: English
  • Language 2: German, Spanish or Italian
  • Ancient Languages: Latin and Greek