Since September 2016, the Sévigné primary school offers French-English bilingual and bicultural education from Petite Section (age 3), 25% in English and 50% English / 50% French from Moyenne Section (age 4) to CM2 (age 10).

For more information about our bilingual teaching, consult our brochure.

During their primary education at Sévigné, pupils are taught all the content and skills required by the French national curriculum (Socle Commun) as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Below are links to the national curriculum programs (in French). The new programs divide primary education cycles as follows: Cycle 2, learning basic skills in classes CP, CE1 and CE2 (ages 6 to 8) and Cycle 3, consolidation of skills acting as a bridge between CM1 and CM2 (ages 9 and 10) and the first year at middle school, 6ème (age 11).

Kindergarten curriculum (in French)

Primary school curriculum (in French)

Particular attention is paid to the acquisition of a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematics.

Teaching is often put into practice by visits to museums, film screenings and other educational outings.

The following activities are also organized during class time:

  • Choir with Music teacher Mrs Garcenot
  • Motor Skills and Physical Education for CP to CM2 (ages 6 to 10) with PE teachers Mr Adam and Mr L'Hoste.
  • Swimming from CP (age 6) onwards with our PE teachers for one semester.
  • Philosophy from Grande Section (age 5) with Mrs Attali, Philosophy teacher at our high school and Mrs Eva Debrey
  • Science workshops

Every evening, pupils will have homework to reinforce and consolidate activities which have taken place in the classroom and prepare for the next lessons. This work must be done independently and the time spent on homework should not exceed one hour.