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Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are key elements in our tradition of Humanities at Collège Sévigné.

As part of their education, students have the opportunity to take extra classes in Art History in Première and Terminale (ages 16 and 17), called the option légère. A Cinema and Film option will be available from September 2017.

All teachers at Collège Sévigné, whatever subject they teach, feel strongly about ensuring that their pupils experience the many museums, theaters, operas and exhibitions available in Paris, throughout their school education. 

We also propose several extracurricular activities such as Choir with Schola Cantorum or at Collège Sévigné, Film Club with Antoine de Baecque and Sight Club with Mr Codan, Tuesday conferences as part of Mardis de Sévigné and study days organized for higher education, open to all our middle and high school pupils.

 Arts and Culture