Collège Sévigné offers a quality school lunch from Kindergarten (age 3) to Terminale (age 17).

At our primary school premises on Boulevard Arago, school lunch is provided by an external service provider, EKILIBRE. This service provider was selected for the quality and taste of its food offering a healthy and balanced diet to the children. Meals are delivered each day and heated in our kitchen facilities.

Kindergarten children take lunch in their classroom where they are in well-known and calm surroundings with their classroom assistants and meal supervisors there to help them throughout their meal.

Children from CP to CM2 (ages 6 to 10) take lunch in our children-friendly self-service cafeteria, in a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Several adults are on hand to help and supervise them.

At our secondary school premises on Rue Pierre Nicole, meals are prepared at the cafeteria which offers a choice of varied dishes (entrees, mains, cheeses and desserts) in compliance with the nutritional and balanced diet necessary to growing children.

The cafeteria is open from 11:30AM to 2PM and lets pupils take lunch at their own pace, eating alongside teachers and administrative staff in a friendly atmosphere where people can talk and relax.