Sport Association

In addition to the usual Physical Education classes, Collège Sévigné offers pupils the chance to practice a regular sports activity throughout the academic year. 

Children who register for the Sports Association course from June 8 to 10, will be welcomed at 8AM sharp in the playground. They should bring a packed lunch and have suitable sports clothing for high wire adventure courses (accrobranche, in French) and golf, plus closed-toe sports shoes, a hat and raincoat. They will return to school between 5 and 5:30PM.

The Sports Association offers a variety of activities: 

  • competitive practice of a team sport (Basketball)
  • physical exercise to stay fit (Fitness)
  • sports for leisure (Multisports, Table Tennis)
  • training for young referees and/or officials (depending on the pupils' interests)
  • help pupils take responsibility by incorporating them in the association's life (student representative in the association's governing body, team manager, captain, photo journalist, etc.)

 Admission fee

The annual fee is €40, no matter how many activities. An information meeting is held every year on the second or third Wednesday of September to present the year's program.

2015/2016 program

  • Monday: 12:30-13:30 MULTISPORTS (Badminton, Ultimate)
  • Tuesday: 12:30-13:30MULTISPORTS (Badminton, Ultimate, Indoor Soccer, Flag Rugby, Speed Badminton)
  • Wednesday:12:30-13:30: BASKETBALL training

from 13:30: BASKETBALL matches (UNSS competitions)

13:30-15:30: TABLE TENNIS

        12:30-13:3013:30-14:30: FITNESS

  • Friday: 12:30-13:30FITNESS