Sévigné benefits


Sévigné regularly organizes themed conferences as part of its Cinema Club with Antoine de Baecque and Alice Leroy (Family meals in Depleschin's films, Rome in films, etc.). Upcoming event: No by Pablo Larrain on Tuesday 10 January 2017 at 6:30PM in salle Colson at our middle and high school premises (28 rue Pierre Nicole).

Sévigné also offers Mardis de Sévigné Tuesday evening conferences, five times a year. These are free conferences hosted throughout the school year and open to all. 

High school students, notably those studying the Literature Baccalauréat are often involved in events organized as part of our higher education teaching (conferences, master classes and study days).

Preparation for the entry test to the École du Louvre

Collège Sévigné organizes training courses to prepare for the first year entry test to the École du Louvre

École du Louvre is a higher education institute governed by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication. Founded in 1882, it provides teaching in Art History, History of Civilizations, Archeology, Epigraphy, Anthropology and Museology.

Entry to the first year of the first academic cycle is open to graduates of the French Baccalauréat or of an equivalent accepted diploma. Applicants are required to pass a test to assess their skills and aptitude to successfully follow the École's curriculum.

We offer: 

  • an intensive, classroom-based, one-week course at Collège Sévigné during the Winter holidays (in February)
  • a distance learning course from October to February

Our preparatory courses are structured around the specific examinations of this entry test.

Courses are open to students in Terminale (age 17) who can take the École du Louvre test in March, subject to obtaining their Baccalauréat in July. We also offer these courses to all persons, whatever their age or level of education (minimum Baccalauréat required). Students in Première (age 16) can also register for one of these courses which they will attend once in Terminale (age 17).

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