Status / Organisation chart

Collège Sévigné is a nonprofit organization of public interest

The Articles of Association are available here (in French)

Board of Directors 

Since November 2016, the Chair of the Board of Directors is Mrs Annie Lhérété, Honorary Inspector General of National Education. The Board is composed of 16 members (three seats are to be filled at the next General Meeting):

  • Mrs Annie Lhérété (Chair)
  • Mr Alain Attali (Honorary Chair)
  • Mr Jean-Pierre Bailleux (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr François Benhamou (Treasurer)
  • Mrs Hélène Farrajota-Cavaco (Secretary)
  • Mrs Myriam Attali-Pariente
  • Mrs Nicole Ferrier
  • Mrs Annie Fillion
  • Mrs Claire Delille
  • Mrs Catherine Grosse
  • Mr Serge Thevenet
  • Mrs Hélène Walther
  • Mr Jean-Pascal Yeodet

Former Chairpersons 

  • Mr Alain Attali
  • Mr Yves Guerin
  • Mr Pierre Vandevoorde
  • Mr André Orsini
  • Mr Jacques Boudet
  • Mr René Brouillet