Twinnings / Partnerships

Collège Sévigné has a policy of twinning with schools abroad and building partnerships that broaden the establishment's horizons and extends the range of services available to pupils and their families.


  • Schola Cantorum: a partnership with the private music school Schola Cantorum (Paris) was set up in September 2014. Pupils who so desire can take part in a choir two hours a week at the prestigious Schola facilities. Two highly enjoyable concerts are given in December and June!
  • PGE/PGO: offering high quality preparatory courses for competitive entrance examinations to Political Sciences Institutes, the PGE/PGO institution provides free training each year to ten of our Première (age 16) students during the short vacations. This training course is held at Collège Sévigné
  • ISTH: this higher education body has partnered with Collège Sévigné and is renowned for organizing general culture conferences to prepare for entrance examinations for the prestigious Political Sciences Institutes
  • GROUPE RÉUSSITE: Formerly called Objectif Prépas, this higher education institute offers our Première, Seconde, Terminale S and Terminale ES students (ages 15-17) an intensive course during each vacation. Subjects covered depend on the class: Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, French, Earth & Life Sciences (SVT) and Philosophy. Our partnership with the institute enables students to receive a discount on these courses. Groupe Réussite also offers private lessons and weekly learning support. 

Twinned schools: 

  • Washington (United States) Washington International School: since April 2015, Sévigné is twinned with this excellent private non-confessional international school based in Washington DC. Trips and exchanges are organized together with WIS so that students from both establishments can get to know each other and gain from language immersion
  • Chicago (United States) Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences: since 2015, Collège Sévigné has partnered with this agricultural high school in Chicago through the Sisters Cities program. Our Première S (age 16) students work on a science project with their correspondents, culminating with an exchange trip between the students of both establishments.
  • Great Britain - Manchester Stockport Grammar School: Collège Sévigné has just signed a partnership with this excellent private school in the UK. Our 3ème pupils (age 14) will hence have the opportunity to visit their British counterparts and also host them in France.
  • Florence - Italy :  Liceo Classico Galileo: Collège Sévigné signs a partnership with it prestigious Florence’s classic establishment where the Humanities have a key role. Italianistes and latinists are going to be able to take advantage of this stimulating exchange.