About us

The Collège Sévigné is a secular school under contract with the State.

The academic program is based on the French national curriculum. Currently, the primary school is comprised of a Moyenne Section- Grande Section (Pre-K and Kindergarten class) and one class level from CP to CM2 (Grades 1-5).

True to its tradition, Sévigné’s goal is the education and personal development of the children entrusted to it.

We are attentive to the need to train tomorrow's global citizens. With this in mind, the primary school of Collège Sévigné will become a bilingual school in the coming year, offering every pupil a bicultural approach to education: English and French. Teaching time will be split 50/50 between French and English. The pupils in Cycle 3 will sit a Cambridge Language Assessment test.

The primary school project stems from the whole school project focusing on the core curriculum with particular emphasis on the mastery of language, reading and writing. This project will take on an international dimension from September 2016 offering innovative educational approaches that are bicultural, rich in meaning and allow pupils to develop their skills of adaptability and openness towards others.

Many educational and cultural trips will be programmed to supplement the curriculum and class projects. Partnerships with institutions such as the Espace Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Sciences are favored to encourage inter-disciplinary projects. As part of our journey towards global cultural awareness, some English speaking traditions will be celebrated.